Comprehensive prostate massage

Comprehensive prostate massage

Massage is performed only by Masseuse Olena.

Prostate massage is very important for every man, should be performed regularly to keep the gland and a man in health. It may in fact be attacked by various diseases. For men between 19 and 40 years of age, the most common ailment is an inflammation of the prostate. Men over 45 years of age suffer from prostate enlargement, which can lead to prostatic hyperplasia and even cancer.

Prostate massage reduces the risk of developing any of these problems.

In addition, prostate massage is recommended for persons applying for posterity. Regular massage improves sperm viability and increases the amount of semen.

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Benefits of Prostate Massage:

Overcome impotence
Defined as the inability to achieve an erection, impotence is a problem suffered by many men. Prostate massage stimulates the flow of seminal fluid and increases circulation that help to get over impotence.
Reduce prostate gland swelling
If the prostate gland is swollen, it can cause pain, discomfort and pressure builds every time you sit down. Prostate massage releases fluids, increases blood flow and eases swollen prostate gland.
Improve ejaculation
Prostate massage can increase the intensity of ejaculation, heightening sexual experience.
Increase urine flow
An enlarged prostate gland can interfere with normal urine flow. Releasing fluids and increasing circulation helps reduce swelling and improve urine flow.
Get a psychological high Being in a position of getting a prostate massage makes a man feel vulnerable and this can provide a powerful mental high for some men.

If you are not sure about your health, please consult a doctor (urologist) before the massage in our office in Warsaw.

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