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Brak opisu.

Healing effects of stones have been used hundreds of years ago in the Far East, where women wearing hot stones lay on his stomach to reduce menstrual pain and other ailments. The Nineties XX is the time of rebirth massage with hot stones, which spread first in the US to the end of the century to reach Europe. In Poland, all the time are rare and hardly anyone is aware of the fact that he is and what actually gives massage stones. The best therapeutic results achieved with the use of flat, oval volcanic rocks (basalt), which exhibit excellent conductive properties of low and high temperatures. During the massage is also used precious stones or semi-precious stones in order to balance the energy krążącej- by the Hindu concept, which is based on the unity of body, psyche and spirit. The whole procedure takes about 90 minutes, during which the therapist performs massage with hot and cold stones, while leaving some of them in the appropriate places on the body. Basalt is long lasting and slow transfers the heat to the body. The impact of hot stones improves circulation and metabolism, is an excellent remedy for stress. Koji muscle pain, soothes and regenerates mentally and physically, restoring balance in the body. Flowing from these heat and energy contained in them land accelerates blood and lymph circulation, which in turn allows for more effective cleansing the body of toxins especially if the massage is done alternately hot and cold kamieniami.Zabieg is perfect for anyone who needs to restore the spiritual and physical balance, who want to relieve stress, relax and regenerate.

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