Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage

This massage is especially useful is the long-term physical activity and mental health. After the massage, as after each other, we feel relaxed, because at the time of surgery in August raises endorphin levels in the body. Endorphins are substances which emit in the brain include after exercise or gymnastics. Thanks to them, we feel relaxed and we are ready to continue the effort. High levels of endorphins also increases our resistance to stress. For this reason, the movements performed by the masseur are quiet, slow, rhythmic, gentle and are designed to soothe the soul and body. The relaxation massage followed by relaxation of all muscles to the point that it is hard for us to take control over their own body. Massage accompanied by flame candles, aromatic scents, incense, scented oils, decor, all complemented by an atmosphere of relaxation.

  1. 1 hour = 170 zl or 40 EUR
    Warsaw, Center, m.Świętokrzyska (1 min from metro)
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