Shiroabhyanga – facial massage

Welcome to our prestigious massage studio located in the center of Warsaw, where we offer the exquisite Shiroabhyanga massage.

Shiroabhyanga, also known as Indian head massage, is an ancient practice that brings harmony and relaxation. At our luxurious massage studio in the heart of Warsaw, we specialize in this unique therapy, providing deep relaxation, tension relief, and restoration of the mind-body balance.

Shiroabhyanga focuses on massaging the head, face, neck, and shoulders using gentle and rhythmic movements. Our skilled therapists at our studio utilize special oils and aromatic extracts to create a relaxing and aromatic experience for our clients.

During the Shiroabhyanga massage, our experienced therapists target acupressure points on the head and face, which positively influence the nervous system. This type of massage helps alleviate stress, reduce headaches and migraines, improve concentration, and induce deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Shiroabhyanga massage is also known for its health and beauty benefits. Stimulating the scalp and hair roots improves blood circulation, promoting healthy hair growth. Additionally, this massage enhances skin elasticity, rejuvenates the body, and imparts a radiant glow to the face.

At our luxurious massage studio in the center of Warsaw, our primary focus is to provide an exceptional massage experience tailored to the needs of each individual client. Our highly skilled therapists combine their expertise with the therapeutic benefits of Shiroabhyanga to create a truly rejuvenating and blissful experience.

Indulge in the profound relaxation and revitalization of Shiroabhyanga massage at our massage studio in the heart of Warsaw. Book your appointment now and treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation and wellness journey.

Indications for Shiroabhyanga massage:

  1. Stress and tension: Shiroabhyanga massage is highly beneficial for relieving stress and tension, making it suitable for individuals experiencing high levels of emotional or psychological stress.
  2. Headaches and migraines: This form of massage can be helpful for individuals suffering from headaches, migraines, and tension in the head area.
  3. Insomnia and sleep-related issues: Shiroabhyanga massage can assist in relieving insomnia and sleep-related problems, promoting a more relaxed and restful sleep.
  4. Improved concentration and mental clarity: Shiroabhyanga massage can aid in improving concentration, mental clarity, and overall well-being.

Contraindications for Shiroabhyanga massage:

  1. High fever: Individuals with a high fever should avoid Shiroabhyanga massage as it may further increase body temperature.
  2. Fresh wounds, cuts, or infections: Shiroabhyanga massage should not be applied to areas of the skin with fresh wounds, cuts, or infections.
  3. Skin conditions: Individuals with severe skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, etc., should consult with a healthcare professional before undergoing the massage.
  4. Inflammatory conditions: Shiroabhyanga massage should be avoided on areas of the body with inflammatory conditions such as tendonitis, arthritis, muscle inflammation, etc.

60 min – 50 euro

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