Healthy massage

Healthy massage

olena1Massage therapy aims to treat various disorders of the body through the implementation of specific procedures manual consisting of pinching, stroking and kneading of the body. Therapeutic massage is carried out series (primary series is 10-15 treatments), and only then can we expect its therapeutic action. Each of the massage can be preceded by various physical treatments, wraps compress warming or performed with adjuvant treatment, eg. Different kinds of medicinal ointments acting analgesic, anti-inflammatory and warming. This method treats primarily pathological conditions occurring in a chronic way, and some running in a subacute, but these require close collaboration with a physician and early application of treatments in preparation.

60 minutes = 200zl or 50 EUR
Warsaw, Centrum, m.Świętokrzyska (1 min from metro)
Olena Tel. + 48-513-748-438

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