Peeling is a way to a beautiful, well-groomed body. It is worth using a coarse peeling once every six months. Fine-grained peels can be used more often. During the peeling, we exfoliate the dead epidermis, remove toxins from the body, cleanse the pores, improve blood and lymph circulation. As a result, the skin becomes smoother and firmer. It also helps in the fight against cellulite. The peeling is performed on the whole body. The masseur focuses on the knees, elbows and heels because the skin here is thicker and requires more care.

Is it worth doing a full body scrub?

Our body after peeling is ready to draw the right ingredients used in oils, butters and balms during the massage. Therefore, it absorbs beneficial ingredients more willingly and deeper. In our office in the very center of Warsaw you can find a wide range of peelings. Before the procedure, consult with the masseur who will help you choose the right peeling.

Indications for body peeling:

Before the massage

The skin is rough, grey, dull (peeling improves the situation and gives the body a silky appearance, immediate effects)

during anti-cellulite massages (allows absorption of preparations, improves blood and lymph circulation)

tanning in the sun or solarium (we recommend doing it 3-4 days before the holiday in order to avoid skin irritation)

scheduled hair removal (cleanses the hair follicle openings and enables more thorough epilation)

after depilation 3-4 days (prevents ingrown hair)

better mental and physical well-being

Contraindications to body peeling:

open wounds scratches

people with viral and bacterial infections pregnant women – it is recommended to contact a doctor before using the service

we do not exfoliate immediately before and after sunbathing or immediately after depilation too many moles on the body

The procedure takes 20-30 minutes. Price PLN 100, EUR 25.